Fryars Radio 1 Piano Session

Raury in session

Denai Moore Piano Session.

Lapsley in session


Soak plays the first Radio 1 Piano Session

East India Youth – Total Strife Forever

2 Bears Interview

From the archive, 2012 to be exact, I got to chat to Raf and Joe 2 Bears about their then debut album. Their second record is about to drop too, and what I’ve heard from it is excellent.

Cate le Bon – Duke

Cate’s Mug Museum is her best work to date, a stunning album that oozes warmth and fragility. Duke is a highlight, and here’s a weird little video for it. Expert magic tricks from H Hawkline in this.

Raury – Cigarette Song

Another excellent new song from Atlanta’s Raury.

Reading + Leeds Tips!

I chose ten artists I’d like to see at Reading Festival / Leeds Festival this year;